Has life thrown you, or a loved one, a curveball regarding your prostate gland health?

Many men are in the same situation facing urine flow problems, erectile dysfunction or cancer. People are seeking information and answers like never before. You need solid clinical advice, medical care and treatment options. This is especially true if you are facing the potentially life-threatening reality of prostate cancer for the first time or again.

The urologists at Urology Consultants are here for you. We have the expertise, training, information and history of results that you need at this time.

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American Cancer Society's Complete Guide
to Prostate Cancer

"This comprehensive guide provides the latest information about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options as well as practical advice about coping with the healthcare system, insurance providers, and the emotional aspects of the disease. . . . An excellent title."
--Library Journal, May 1, 2005

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Patient Testimonials
"After considering other treatments like Radiation and Radical Prostetectomy, I felt like Cryoablation would be best for me. Especially since I am a Type II Diabetic. The data I received from Dr. Bickel's office showing others who had the Cryo done help me. It even included professionals! Read More.. Read More....

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